Our business is to develop and launch B2B marketplace digital platforms, and our mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. We do it by giving sellers the necessary tools to reach a global audience for their products and services, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

Our message

After 37 years of experience in trade, 22 in international trade and 19 years in e-commerce, in 2016 we decided to create this tech startup company based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our business is to develop and launch B2B digital platforms and our mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. We do it by giving sellers the necessary tools to reach a global audience for their products and services, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

In August 2016 we developed a B2B e-marketplace for Portuguese exporters, “BuyinPortugal” , launched online February 2017.
BuyinPortugal was a startup ALPHA @ Web Summit Lisbon 2016, the largest entrepreneurship event, technology and innovation in Europe, in September 2017 had the honor to be part of the book “The Internationalization of the Portuguese Economy – cases of business success” (“Science4you, Aralab, Edol, Fly London, WeDo Technologies; Riberalves; BuyinPortugal; and SkyPro are some of the amazing cases of companies that not only have been able to find opportunities and resist the crisis, but also have taken cross border the brand Portugal.”), and in November 2017 was a startup BETA @ Web Summit Lisbon 2017.

In April 2018 we launched in Portugal “MercaChefe”, a B2B online marketplace for the Portuguese market. MercaChefe.pt is a wholesale e-commerce platform whose objective is to develop a virtual market model, equivalent to the face-to-face market.

In 2018, BUYIN.PT SA enters into a strategic partnership with a Chinese government organization that manages the China Free Trade Economic Pilot Zone (Tianjin), to help companies from Portuguese-speaking countries sell in northeastern China.

In the end of 2018 BUYIN.PT S.A. participates in the capital of the Brazilian company “MercaChefe AL – Comércio  Eletronico  S/A”., which will launch during 2019 in Brazil, the first B2B e-marketplace for the HoReCa channel, “MercaChefe Brasil”, in partnership with Brazilian partners.

In 2019 BUYIN.PT S.A. participates in the Macao-based company, “CHINA-PLP – Sociedade de Comércio Externo e Serviços, Lda.”, a Trading Company, to trade between China-European Union-Latin America, but also to support and provide services to our partner companies to sell in mainland China.

Now it is time to lead you to a new world, to wake your global business knowledge and create new bridges with business partners.


ALFA startup

in 2016 we were selected by the Irish organization for the first time as Startup ALPHA “Your company is in the pre-investment stage, or has under $ 1 million in funding”. With the right to stand A163 in the e-commerce area, on the third day of the event. Our mentor was Mike Perlis, CEO of FORBES MEDIA. Perfect for partnering and publicizing the brand.


BETA startup

in 2017 we were selected again by the Irish organization, this time as BETA Startup, “Your company has launched successfully and is often the Web Summit alumnus”. With the B116 stand in the BETA e-commerce area, on the second day of the event. Perfect for our internationalization, to make partnerships and publicize the brand.

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Strategic partners

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Our Awesome Team

Ricardo Wallis

Founder & CEO

Pedro Quartin Graça


José Maria Bustorff


Nobuko Saito

Lin Qianlan

Natércia Ferreira

Dynara Fernandes

Vasco Sousa

Ana Cristina Marques

Sara Jin

João Santa Marta


Paula Franco de Sá


Madalena Monteiro

Legal Consultant

Pedro Confraria


Manuel Teixeira

Duarte Pacheco

Cristina Gouveia

Luís Eusébio

José Aidos

Victor Ramos

Madalena Botelho de Sousa

Carlos Bernardo

Latest News

SOGENAVE faz parceria com a BUYIN.PT e abre “Flagship store” no marketplace MercaChefe.pt

A BUYIN.PT S.A., proprietária da plataforma de comércio electrónico MERCACHEFE.PT e a SOGENAVE S.A. estabeleceram uma parceria nos termos da qual a SOGENAVE passa a comercializar as suas marcas e os produtos que distribui[…]

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March 31, 2020 0

Phone: +351 927 312 999
E-mail: info@buyin.pt

Rua Aristides de Sousa Mendes, 9
1600-412 Lisboa | Portugal

Centro de Negócios e Inovação de Rio Maior
Avenida Dr. Mário Soares
Pavilhão Multiusos
1.º Piso Topo Norte
2040-413 Rio Maior | Portugal

VAT number: PT509767885
Capital: 100.000€
CAE: 47910-R3
Founded: 16/02/2011
Permanent Certificate Access Code PT: 5387-0226-8409
Permanent Certificate Access Code ENG: 5385-3427-6331
Registered at CRC Lisbon

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